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Latest news on Gardaland’s new ride 2015.

28th March 2015: Gardaland inaugurates “Oblivion – The Black Hole”


28th March 2015: Gardaland inaugurates
“Oblivion – The Black Hole”
the new vertical plunge rollercoaster
the first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest one in Europe
New Oblivion-themed rooms also at Gardaland Hotel

Height, speed and vertical plunges are the key words of Gardaland’s new season that reopens on the 28th of March to offer all its Guests a unique and unforgettable experience. For season 2015 Gardaland is indeed inaugurating Oblivion – The Black Hole, the new vertical plunge rollercoaster! The first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest one in Europe: with its 42.5 metres in height, 87 degrees of inclination and a speed of 100 km/h, it promises a truly unparalleled, breath-taking adventure. Aboard the extraordinary and adrenaline-filled rollercoaster daredevil passengers will plunge from a vertiginous height, at mad pace, in a vertical plunge towards oblivion, through a mysterious space-time passage on the way to a new dimension: they will narrowly miss the ground, dodging at the last second numerous obstacles thanks to crazy inversions, head-over-heels upturns, tailspins on big spirals and 360 degrees rotations.

With its imposing structure, the unusual white colour and the vast themed area rich in special effects Oblivion – The Black Hole will stand tall, with all its might and its beauty, among the numerous attractions of the Park. We are talking about an unforgettable experience, extraordinarily exciting, a thrill of the highest order. The waiting line is going to be, in itself, a memorable trial beginning inside a technological training centre where, through advanced software enriching sensorial perception, you will be able to dive into the adrenaline-based experience leading to the train. Special effects, sound effects, light games and innumerable last-generation LED screens will open the way to an overwhelming and sensational trip. Then, between earth and sky, among sudden twists and unexpected obstacles the daredevil passengers will embark in a truly crazy journey on a 566-metre long track that grants Oblivion – The Black Hole the title of longest Dive Coaster in Europe.

Only the bravest ones, ranging between 140 cm in height and 99 years in age… will enjoy this memorable experience!

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Adrenaline will also enter the themed rooms of Gardaland Hotel, which has prepared two new “Oblivion” themed rooms dedicated to those who are not afraid of thrills and adrenaline and wish to make their stay an exciting one. Guests will find themselves inside Oblivion’s “control room”, the control room where the captivating “Mission Oblivion” can be directed, ready to experience a surprising and unexpected adventure. The new Mission Oblivion package offers an overnight stay in the new themed room with: breakfast, a spectacular à la carte dinner with dedicated menu, a one-day entry to the Park, a welcome setup with themed gift and the queue-skipping ticket “Adrenaline”. Guests who will choose the new Oblivion-themed room will enjoy an exclusive package, even richer and even more exciting thanks to the special and exclusive queue-skipping ticket “Gardaland Hotel-Adrenaline no limits” that grants unlimited access for a day to all 7 adrenaline attractions, including Oblivion – The Black Hole.

For the Easter holidays, Gardaland Hotel has come up with a fabulous program that will let Guests spend, in total freedom, two days and two nights among happy hours, surprises and rich buffets at Gardaland Hotel. The Happy Easter package – valid from Saturday 4th April till Monday 6th April – will grant access to Gardaland for two days, to enjoy the most exciting attractions of the Park; you will also be able to visit – on a day of your choice – the marvellous Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium. The price of the package dedicated to the family, valid for two adults and one child up to the age of twelve, starts from 366.00€ MINIMUM STAY 2 nights and it includes: night stay and international buffet breakfast for two days, laboratory and mini-club for little Guests between 3 and 8 years of age, happy hour for parents, bonbons time for children, two buffet dinners with drinks included, Easter eggs ceremony with Prezzemolo and his friends handing them out on Easter morning, the OZOSÌ treatment, ozone-based sanification process of the room.

Starting from the 28th of March Gardaland will be open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM: extended hours until 11 PM from the 20th June to the 13th September. To make the season even more captivating the Park has put together, once again, a wide array of advantageous offers and fantastic opportunities starting from the three types of season pass: One at € 52, Premium at € 62 and VIP at € 72, which, starting from this year, will renovate ensuring new and exceptional advantages for the family and for adrenaline lovers along with extremely interesting discounts on entries to Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium. Every pass grants access to the Park every time you wish, with no limits in terms of frequency, from the 28th of March till the 1st November 2015!
And also… several online offers! On you will be able to purchase a ticket at the super discounted price of € 29.00 choosing 7 days before the date of your visit. Also on offer there will be super-convenient family tickets for groups of 3, 4 and 5 people with children under the age of 10. The price of the family ticket is of 30.50 euro per person. You may also receive a voucher that allows you to purchase one meal at the surprising price of € 8.00.
And let’s not forget about the combined tickets that grant access to Gardaland AND Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium at a truly special price.

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Gardaland unveils the theming of Oblivion – The Black Hole


Gardaland unveils the theming, the interactive path
and the mysterious space-time tunnel.

Everything is almost ready at Gardaland. Oblivion – The Black Hole, the first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest one in Europe is standing tall, with its magnitude, its vertical plunge and the dazzling white of its tracks, on all the Park’s attractions.

But if the track has already been completed, it’s the details of the theming that are now attracting attention, while waiting to find out what this attraction will offer in terms of emotions. Along with the vertical plunge fall inside a mysterious black hole and the incredible inversions, the added value of this sensational attraction is the theming of the area and the richness of the special effects: from the interactive path leading up to the entrance of the attraction, to the boarding stage and to the out and out rollercoaster experience. It is going to be an extraordinary, incredible journey that will ideally cross a mysterious space-time conduct, a link between planet Earth and another space and time.

The white colour of the track- a very original choice for a rollercoaster – was chosen to harmonise the attraction with the vast themed area – which also includes Space Vertigo and Flying Island – and to offer an atmosphere NASA style. The fearless ones who will dart aboard lightning-fast trains, devised and made to resemble space vehicles, experiencing a journey like the ones we dream of as children. And who has never dreamt, even if for just a second, of being an astronaut? Who knows, maybe a future Samantha Cristoforetti, the young Italian astronaut, will also climb aboard Oblivion – The Black Hole, ready for the fantastic emotion of a “launch” into space…

But on top of the space inspiration, Guests will be attracted by the crux of the Oblivion experience – The Black Hole: a hole with enough gravitational field to attract and suck in everything. Besides the mouth of the tunnel there will indeed be unusual elements, completely distorted and sucked in; it will feel like being “dragged” inside the conduct, almost like being “swallowed”: part of the roof of a saloon, a windmill, a little cart, a water tank, 3 TV aerials and the van of a TV crew which had arrived to document the strange phenomenon…

Everything will appear deformed by the powerful gravitational forced generated by the “black hole”.

But this is not all, because another captivating characteristic of Oblivion – The Black Hole is the interactive path preceding the boarding of the new rollercoaster. The waiting line will be, in itself, an unforgettable experience! The path will indeed start inside a technological training centre where, through advanced software that enrich sensorial perception – you will be able to immerse yourself in the adrenaline-filled experience that leads to the train. Special effects, sounds, light games and innumerable new gen LED screens will open the way to the overwhelming and sensational journey. But will everybody be capable to climb aboard? To erase any doubt, the fearless visitors, during the wait, will face tests and pass trials; a voice will guide them through each required action. A mission in perfect NASA style: from the feeling of being launched inside a tunnel, to the balance test, to the mind-blowing 3D optical effects and the out and out boarding, inside the station. The Oblivion – The Black Hole shuttle is ready to welcome all passengers! Then, between sky and earth, among twists, turns and unexpected obstacles the extraordinary and exciting rollercoaster will bring the most fearless passengers to fall from vertiginous height, at mad speed, in a vertical plunge into oblivion, through the mysterious space-time conduct on the way to a new dimension. And contact with reality will inexplicably vanish…

“We began from the concept one year ago, moving from a planning-creative phase to the realisation of important sculptures that we are currently positioning in the area. Specific professional positions where needed for this project: architects, planners, sculptors audio/video technicians, carpenters, painters, experts in iron manufacturing… a coral organisation of many companies for the development of this great new area” – says Gianluca Ghedini, Gardaland Division Creative Manager.

42.5 metres high, 87 degrees of inclination and a speed of 100km/h: those are the numbers of Oblivion – The Black Hole, the first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest one in Europe.

Only for true daredevils, from 140 cm in height to 99 years of age!

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Roberta Mancino unveils the name of Gardaland’s newrollercoaster: “Oblivion – The Black Hole”


Roberta Mancino, the protagonist of this breath-taking feat,
unveils the name of Gardaland’s new, vertical plunge rollercoaster: “Oblivion – The Black Hole”.

A freefall dive from 5 thousand meters of height at the incredible speed of 400km/h to then go through a “human circle” with a diameter of 5 metres!

Height, speed and vertical plunge fall: the key words for the challenge that Roberta Mancino and Gardaland decided to take on when presenting Oblivion – The Black Hole, Gardaland’s new rollercoaster for 2015, the first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest one in Europe.

Roberta Mancino – Italian by birth but American by adoption, international model, skydiving champion, stunt woman in the movie colossal Iron Man 3, extreme sports athlete and cover girl on many national and international magazines – undertook a sensational feat: once she had reached an altitude of five thousand meters Mancino dived, free fall, inside a “human circle” with a diameter of… mere metres, at the incredible speed of 400 km/h…

A unique and adrenaline-filled event aimed at presenting to the general public the characteristics and the experience that have inspired the construction of the eagerly awaited new rollercoaster, the first Dive Coaster in Italy, that Gardaland will inaugurate on the opening of the new season, next 28th of March.

Also starring in this thrilling experience, alongside Roberta Mancino, ten parachutists – among which Pablo Hernandez, “Canopy Piloting” world champion – who first jumped out, free falling their way into drawing in the sky a “flat star”, a circular formation with their bodies lying parallel to the ground. Thanks to firework fastened to their feet, the group of parachutists created an actual 3 km long vertical tunnel.

Roberta Mancino, jumping out of another plane, dived into empty space at a speed of 400 km/h and crossed the human ring tunnel, seamlessly hitting it with absolute precision. The courageous athlete-model, during the launch, partook in a series of acrobatic, freestyle parachute and freefly figures.

The figure outlined in the sky by the whole team of extreme parachutists was named Oblivion – The Black Hole, thus unveiling in the process the name and the characteristics of the adrenaline-filled Dive Coaster that Gardaland is completing in time for the inauguration of season 2015.

A breath-taking adventure but also a feat destined to officially enter the Guinness Book of Records! The details of the whole operation will in fact be communicated to the Guinness World of Records in London.

Video and photo shooting of the event were assigned to Max Haim, one of the best parachutist photographers in the world, while the record-breaking feat was exceptionally filmed by Noah Bahnson, a real legend of Proximity Fly.

Oblivion – The Black Hole, the first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest in Europe, will offer breath-taking emotions to every Gardaland fan starting from the Park’s 2015 opening. Lovers of thrill and adrenaline will enjoy an unmatched experience, aboard the new vertical plunge rollercoaster! The brave Guests will be free falling – with an incredible 85 degrees of inclination – from a 42.5 metre height to end up in a dark, narrow tunnel from which they will re-emerge to face, at the speed of 100 km/h, inversions, head-over-heels upturns, tailspins on big spirals and 360° rotations.

And what about the scientists of Operation Orange?

They have finally found an answer to all their speculations and they are getting ready to face a breath-taking challenge, a sensational journey that will lead them to cross a mysterious space-time channel which suddenly appeared in the Park, taking them to an unknown dimension.

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The track of the new Gardaland rollercoaster with a vertical plunge has been completed


The track of the new Gardaland rollercoaster
with a vertical plunge has been completed:
85 degrees of inclination from a 42.5 metre height
at 100 km/h of speed.

A Dive Coaster, also known as a rollercoaster with a vertical plunge, will be Gardaland’s new addition for 2015. The track, completed in the past few days, features a vertical plunge boasting 85 degrees of inclination from a height of 42.5 metres and an incredible 100 km/h of speed!

We are talking about a truly adrenaline-filled attraction, an electrifying experience that will involve all senses, making hearts beat and legs shake… After the uphill run-up there will be a few, never-ending instant on a plain and then… the sudden plunge that will make its daredevil passengers descend at breath-taking speed.

They will graze the ground, the pillars and numerous obstacles, they will experience extraordinary air-pocket sensations, suspended among crazy inversions, head-over-heels upturns, torsions on great spirals and 360° rotations. It is going to be an unforgettable, sensational, exciting, intense experience, a race between earth and sky with unexpected twists and obstacles out of nowhere. Nothing is going to beat the powerful adrenaline rush felt by those riding the cars at insane speed!

The track of the Dive Coaster – extending over 13,000 square metres, amounting to the wing surface of an incredible 25 Boeing 747 Jumbo – is in its kind the longest one in Europe and it stands tall, elegant and imposing, in the Park’s space area between the Space Vertigo and Flying Island.

In the meantime the digging activities carried out by the scientists of Operation Orange continue relentlessly: after bringing back to light a number of elements from the mysterious installation present underground – a launching pad, a boarding station and rail tracks – the scientists have discovered an unusual elliptical structure and a particular logo on the surface. What is the purpose of this structure?

The answer is on


New height record being set: the new rollercoaster is the highest ever made at Gardaland


The new attraction is over 42 metres in height: like a 15 storey building!

Works for the extraordinary and adrenalinic 2015 rollercoaster are continuing relentlessly at Gardaland. With great satisfaction of all workers the highest point of the track has been reached: an impressive 42.5 metres in height, like a 15 storey building!

The photo clearly shows the astounding magnitude of the attraction, the Park’s new addition for 2015, with its silhouette standing out in front of the lake. The new rollercoaster is going to set a new record, surpassing by far every other Gardaland rollercoaster, in particular Raptor and Blue Tornado, which are 33 and 34 metres in height respectively!

Meanwhile the investigations of “Operation Orange” are continuing, bringing to light various parts of the mysterious installation.

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More than 20 million euro investment is the record for the new roller coaster!


Nick Mackenzie, Managing Director Resort Theme Parks
of Merlin Entertainments,
overseeing the progression of works for the new addition of 2015
and unveiling a record investment: over 20 million Euro!

Nick Mackenzie, General Manager of the Theme Parks and Resort Division of Merlin Entertainments, decided to supervise the progression of works that will lead to the launch of a rollercoaster that is destined to make waves, both for its technical characteristics and its visual peculiarities.

MERLIN ENTERTAINTMENTS, the biggest European company operating in the family-based entertainment sector – of which Gardaland has been part since 2006 – has chosen Italy, once again, for one of the Group’s important investments.

“Gardaland is not only Italy’s number 1 Theme Park, it is also one of the biggest Amusement Parks and one of the biggest businesses of the Merlin Entertainments Group; for this reason it is essential to keep investing, today and in the future, in the continuous growth of this important entity. This is why we have decided that the Italian market deserved – four years after Raptor, the only Winged Rollercoaster in Italy – an important investment for an attraction that could have strong emotional impact on visitors” – affirms Nick Mackenzie.

“We are talking about one of the biggest investments ever made at Gardaland for a single attraction. And I have to say that those who will climb aboard this rollercoaster will really get a taste of their value! They will be the most exciting and adrenalinic ever, with an overall investment of over 20 million euro!” – continues Nick Mackenzie – “Alongside working, once again, with the best and most qualified rollercoaster maker in the world, the Swiss company Bollinger & Mabillard Inc. (B&M), we have worked in perfect synergy for the development of an unprecedented project. This incredible rollercoaster will truly be capable of rewarding the Italian public by exciting and electrifying our visitors.”

“The first thing to underline is that this rollercoaster is going to be epic – continues enthusiastically Nick Mackenzie – It will be a track with inversions, heights up to 42 meters, inclinations of over 85 degrees and a speed that will reach 100 km/h. But the real pluses will be the theming, in harmony with the chosen area for the attraction and the richness of the special effects: from the path leading to the attraction all the way to the boarding area and, ultimately, to the out and out experience on the rollercoaster”.
“As a thrill seeker I can absolutely guarantee you that, thanks to this rollercoaster, you will get lots of adrenalin! Gardaland, beating heart of Italian entertainment, will soon offer yet another memorable experience to its own Guests, in the name of innovation, professionalism and quality” – concludes Nick Mackenzie.

Meanwhile at the building site of the gigantic rollercoaster the various segments of the track are getting assembled, from the columns to the rails. The departure station is already recognisable – even if it is still unfinished – the rock walls are being put back alongside the main path and the whole perimeter delimitating the building area of this important new addition for 2015.

And what about the website?

What happened to the balloon with a radio-sonde that was sucked in the big, mysterious spiral? Rumours are going around about what it may be… It appears that its calendar is once again showing, for no reason, a date going back 39 years, 19th July 1975! The land, meanwhile, cooled down and the spiral… died out. Scientists have closely inspected the area, signalling the presence of a strange “metallic spiral” under the ground, completely oxidised, corroded by time, scraped by dust and consumed by water: “Pipedom” is the unusual name that was given to this intriguing object!


Arrival of track components of Gardaland’s great new ride 2015!

Componenti Grande Novità 2015 Gardaland

At Gardaland works continue relentlessly:
shining under the sunlight, gigantic rail-tracks and enormous columns which will form the track of the new rollercoaster of 2015

The unusual white colour is a peculiarity of the spectacular attraction, new precious gem of the famous Italian Amusement Park

Construction of the new attraction is about to begin: gigantic rail-tracks and enormous columns have arrived inside Gardaland’s great building site, destined to erect the imposing and adrenalinic new rollercoaster of 2015.

And with the arrival of structural components the first details of the attraction begin to be unveiled: “The new rollercoaster will deliver a unique experience” – declares ing. Francesco Luna, Senior Project Manager of Merlin Entertainments. “Inversions, heights up to 42 metres, inclinations exceeding 85 degrees and speed that will almost reach 100 km/h: those are only some of the characteristics of the new attraction.”

“At the moment works are under way to prepare the area where the columns that will support the structure will be setup” – continues Luna. “We will employ and bolt over 597,000 kilos of steel, the weight of as many as 44 F35 Super Jets!

It is a complex phase that requires accuracy in the manoeuvring and in the assembling of the components that will be behind the implementation of rail-tracks, the heaviest of which will reach 26,000 kilos!

We have calculated that over 7,900 bolts will be needed to assemble the whole structure!“ – concludes ing. Luna. With the initial phase of preparation of the bases and of the foundations having finished, the area has now entered the core stage of the works: the process of construction of the track and of all the elements composing it can now begin to be recognised.

What definitely catches the eye is the colour white, an unusual chromatic choice for a rollercoaster! This chromatic element, in all its shininess, dominates on all the structural components, making this already unique roller-coaster even more exceptional and also feeding the curiosity and the interrogatives of watchful observers in regards to the future theming.

Gardaland is rightfully seen as being highly experienced in the creation of themed areas: this is why, for the attraction of season 2015, the chosen way is to harmonise the ensemble of motives related to the new rollercoaster with the same theme of attractions that are already present inside the area.

“The creation of this new ride is part of an important project that began many years ago. Preceded by market research, focus groups, surveys about Guests carried out by our Marketing team and analysis followed by our Research and Development sector, market offers were explored, in terms of new technology and innovative assembling systems.

A thorough, 360° task” – continues ing. Luna – “it was a commitment that involved not just Gardaland but also Merlin Studios, the creative sector of Merlin Entertainments with headquarters in London.

Merlin Studios are indeed behind the planning and many of the ideas for the development of the whole process, which is then adapted to the needs and the taste of the Italian market. The attraction was designed to be positioned inside a themed contest that can easily lend itself to the use of special effects: from the path that leads to the entrance of the attraction, to the boarding and then to the actual experience on the rollercoaster.”

It has been a display of great teamwork, involving, during the phase of planning and designing, a staff made of 47 people hailing from 6 different nations; an iterative process carried out through several passages and procedures which allowed to arrive to the what is going to be an out and out attraction developed in harmonic fashion, based on emotional and sensorial experiences, capable of enriching and adding extra value to the Park’s offer and… to reward its temerarious Guests.

While the mysterious story unravels on the website,, the analysis of the strange phenomena taking place inside the Park continues: a sample of “altered” land has been extracted and it is currently being analysed by the special team involved in the mysterious project known as “Operation Orange.

All that can be seen at the moment is simply a special protection gazebo guarded by two special agents who, dressed in a particular orange suit, involve the public distributing… a precious invitation: a discount voucher worth 7 euro that allows you to return to the Park in 2015 at a truly convenient price.

Meanwhile on the, website, the mysterious tale continues, for the joy of fans and aficionados of the Park, with its strange phenomena surrounding the attraction: a high-altitude balloon equipped with radio-probe gets released inside the spiral that has appeared above the building site. When the balloon is collected the stopwatch is showing an incredible anomaly …


First stone laid!

Posata la prima pietra!

First stone laid today at Gardaland for the imposing new addition of 2015:
a rollercoaster with absolutely no equals in Italy!

The grandest and most adrenaline-filled attraction ever built at Gardaland can already boast “record-breaking” figures.

A landmark moment took place today at Gardaland, with the laying of the first stone of the attraction that will be inaugurated at the beginning of season 2015. The great brick, a solid, unusually orange item was placed in the middle of the building site by the Chief Executive Officer Aldo Maria Vigevani, by the General Manager of Parks Danilo Santi and by the Marketing and Sales Director Luca Marigo.

The most imposing, adrenaline-filled rollercoaster ever to be made at Gardaland will be built on an extremely vast area of the Park: from the Western village to the Flying Island and Space Vertigo.

After only two months of work the numbers are already record-breaking: the surface involved extends over 13,000 square metres, as big as the combined size of the wings of as many as 25 “747” Boeing Jumbos! The foundations have been laid for the insertion, at a deepness ranging between 12 and 14 metres, of over 200 foundation posts, employed to anchor the soil; for their realisation an astounding 1,000 cubic metres of concrete were employed. 50 columns will support the imposing structure that will animate the pulsating heart of Gardaland.

Thirty workers tirelessly worked to put in place an impressive 200 metallic cages – one for each foundation post – and casts worth 2,500 cubic metres of concrete. To facilitate the operations to prepare the ground digs and ground shifts worth over 4,000 cubic metres were carried out, employing two powerful machines for 22 days!
A truly “massive” undertaking, especially considering how, up until today, over 2,500 tons of iron and steel were used.

Turmoil and anticipation are already running high among followers and fans of the Park, attracted by the mystery surrounding the new attraction as on the site. After a few sightings of an unexplainable orange spiral in the sky, a beam hit the building site. Something incredible is happening where the beam collided: the earth started to… boil and crack. From the surface of the soil smoke whirlwinds rise and the ground is burning, it’s incandescent…

Inspections are still taking place, but there is growing concern that the phenomenon may only be a preview of similar things to come.

Sara Martini, TG O


Works begin!

Works begin at Gardaland for the amazing 2015 novelty:
the ultimate rollercoaster

The investment also beats all the records:
the most grandiose ever made at Gardaland!

The construction works for the new exceptional 2015 attraction have officially begun: a newsworthy rollercoaster in terms of its technical and scenographic characteristics, and also for the considerable economic investment.

For the important stage of its 40 years anniversary, the first Amusement Park built in Italy wished to treat itself and offer to all its fans, something truly unforgettable!

The 2015 season will be in fact characterised by the inauguration of the most grandiose and breath-taking rollercoaster, absolutely unparalleled in Italy, built by the top and most qualified producer of roller coasters worldwide: the Swiss company Bollinger & Mabillard Inc. (B&M).

B&M is one of the most prestigious firms that builds rollercoasters, counting a vast production of coasters worldwide. The rides that they design and build are considered the best on the international market: there are no two identical B&M rollercoasters in the world; each is based on an exclusive design, since the company does not produce standard models but studies each project in collaboration with the client, in order to fully satisfy their requests.

Gardaland – B&M collaboration already proved to be a totally winning one in 2011: “Raptor, un volo da brivido” is in fact a true gem signed B&M that still continues to astonish today, and thrill hundreds of thousands of people.

The extraordinary character of the 2015 construction is already stirring great interest and rumours among fans, but not only… While the first dismantling and excavations works are being carried out at the Park, an inexplicable phenomenon, of nature still unknown today, has shown up in the sky above Gardaland…

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Sara Martini, TG O