Arrival of track components of Gardaland’s great new ride 2015!

Componenti Grande Novità 2015 Gardaland

At Gardaland works continue relentlessly:
shining under the sunlight, gigantic rail-tracks and enormous columns which will form the track of the new rollercoaster of 2015

The unusual white colour is a peculiarity of the spectacular attraction, new precious gem of the famous Italian Amusement Park

Construction of the new attraction is about to begin: gigantic rail-tracks and enormous columns have arrived inside Gardaland’s great building site, destined to erect the imposing and adrenalinic new rollercoaster of 2015.

And with the arrival of structural components the first details of the attraction begin to be unveiled: “The new rollercoaster will deliver a unique experience” – declares ing. Francesco Luna, Senior Project Manager of Merlin Entertainments. “Inversions, heights up to 42 metres, inclinations exceeding 85 degrees and speed that will almost reach 100 km/h: those are only some of the characteristics of the new attraction.”

“At the moment works are under way to prepare the area where the columns that will support the structure will be setup” – continues Luna. “We will employ and bolt over 597,000 kilos of steel, the weight of as many as 44 F35 Super Jets!

It is a complex phase that requires accuracy in the manoeuvring and in the assembling of the components that will be behind the implementation of rail-tracks, the heaviest of which will reach 26,000 kilos!

We have calculated that over 7,900 bolts will be needed to assemble the whole structure!“ – concludes ing. Luna. With the initial phase of preparation of the bases and of the foundations having finished, the area has now entered the core stage of the works: the process of construction of the track and of all the elements composing it can now begin to be recognised.

What definitely catches the eye is the colour white, an unusual chromatic choice for a rollercoaster! This chromatic element, in all its shininess, dominates on all the structural components, making this already unique roller-coaster even more exceptional and also feeding the curiosity and the interrogatives of watchful observers in regards to the future theming.

Gardaland is rightfully seen as being highly experienced in the creation of themed areas: this is why, for the attraction of season 2015, the chosen way is to harmonise the ensemble of motives related to the new rollercoaster with the same theme of attractions that are already present inside the area.

“The creation of this new ride is part of an important project that began many years ago. Preceded by market research, focus groups, surveys about Guests carried out by our Marketing team and analysis followed by our Research and Development sector, market offers were explored, in terms of new technology and innovative assembling systems.

A thorough, 360° task” – continues ing. Luna – “it was a commitment that involved not just Gardaland but also Merlin Studios, the creative sector of Merlin Entertainments with headquarters in London.

Merlin Studios are indeed behind the planning and many of the ideas for the development of the whole process, which is then adapted to the needs and the taste of the Italian market. The attraction was designed to be positioned inside a themed contest that can easily lend itself to the use of special effects: from the path that leads to the entrance of the attraction, to the boarding and then to the actual experience on the rollercoaster.”

It has been a display of great teamwork, involving, during the phase of planning and designing, a staff made of 47 people hailing from 6 different nations; an iterative process carried out through several passages and procedures which allowed to arrive to the what is going to be an out and out attraction developed in harmonic fashion, based on emotional and sensorial experiences, capable of enriching and adding extra value to the Park’s offer and… to reward its temerarious Guests.

While the mysterious story unravels on the website,, the analysis of the strange phenomena taking place inside the Park continues: a sample of “altered” land has been extracted and it is currently being analysed by the special team involved in the mysterious project known as “Operation Orange.

All that can be seen at the moment is simply a special protection gazebo guarded by two special agents who, dressed in a particular orange suit, involve the public distributing… a precious invitation: a discount voucher worth 7 euro that allows you to return to the Park in 2015 at a truly convenient price.

Meanwhile on the, website, the mysterious tale continues, for the joy of fans and aficionados of the Park, with its strange phenomena surrounding the attraction: a high-altitude balloon equipped with radio-probe gets released inside the spiral that has appeared above the building site. When the balloon is collected the stopwatch is showing an incredible anomaly …


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