First stone laid!

Posata la prima pietra!

First stone laid today at Gardaland for the imposing new addition of 2015:
a rollercoaster with absolutely no equals in Italy!

The grandest and most adrenaline-filled attraction ever built at Gardaland can already boast “record-breaking” figures.

A landmark moment took place today at Gardaland, with the laying of the first stone of the attraction that will be inaugurated at the beginning of season 2015. The great brick, a solid, unusually orange item was placed in the middle of the building site by the Chief Executive Officer Aldo Maria Vigevani, by the General Manager of Parks Danilo Santi and by the Marketing and Sales Director Luca Marigo.

The most imposing, adrenaline-filled rollercoaster ever to be made at Gardaland will be built on an extremely vast area of the Park: from the Western village to the Flying Island and Space Vertigo.

After only two months of work the numbers are already record-breaking: the surface involved extends over 13,000 square metres, as big as the combined size of the wings of as many as 25 “747” Boeing Jumbos! The foundations have been laid for the insertion, at a deepness ranging between 12 and 14 metres, of over 200 foundation posts, employed to anchor the soil; for their realisation an astounding 1,000 cubic metres of concrete were employed. 50 columns will support the imposing structure that will animate the pulsating heart of Gardaland.

Thirty workers tirelessly worked to put in place an impressive 200 metallic cages – one for each foundation post – and casts worth 2,500 cubic metres of concrete. To facilitate the operations to prepare the ground digs and ground shifts worth over 4,000 cubic metres were carried out, employing two powerful machines for 22 days!
A truly “massive” undertaking, especially considering how, up until today, over 2,500 tons of iron and steel were used.

Turmoil and anticipation are already running high among followers and fans of the Park, attracted by the mystery surrounding the new attraction as on the site. After a few sightings of an unexplainable orange spiral in the sky, a beam hit the building site. Something incredible is happening where the beam collided: the earth started to… boil and crack. From the surface of the soil smoke whirlwinds rise and the ground is burning, it’s incandescent…

Inspections are still taking place, but there is growing concern that the phenomenon may only be a preview of similar things to come.

Sara Martini, TG O


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