More than 20 million euro investment is the record for the new roller coaster!


Nick Mackenzie, Managing Director Resort Theme Parks
of Merlin Entertainments,
overseeing the progression of works for the new addition of 2015
and unveiling a record investment: over 20 million Euro!

Nick Mackenzie, General Manager of the Theme Parks and Resort Division of Merlin Entertainments, decided to supervise the progression of works that will lead to the launch of a rollercoaster that is destined to make waves, both for its technical characteristics and its visual peculiarities.

MERLIN ENTERTAINTMENTS, the biggest European company operating in the family-based entertainment sector – of which Gardaland has been part since 2006 – has chosen Italy, once again, for one of the Group’s important investments.

“Gardaland is not only Italy’s number 1 Theme Park, it is also one of the biggest Amusement Parks and one of the biggest businesses of the Merlin Entertainments Group; for this reason it is essential to keep investing, today and in the future, in the continuous growth of this important entity. This is why we have decided that the Italian market deserved – four years after Raptor, the only Winged Rollercoaster in Italy – an important investment for an attraction that could have strong emotional impact on visitors” – affirms Nick Mackenzie.

“We are talking about one of the biggest investments ever made at Gardaland for a single attraction. And I have to say that those who will climb aboard this rollercoaster will really get a taste of their value! They will be the most exciting and adrenalinic ever, with an overall investment of over 20 million euro!” – continues Nick Mackenzie – “Alongside working, once again, with the best and most qualified rollercoaster maker in the world, the Swiss company Bollinger & Mabillard Inc. (B&M), we have worked in perfect synergy for the development of an unprecedented project. This incredible rollercoaster will truly be capable of rewarding the Italian public by exciting and electrifying our visitors.”

“The first thing to underline is that this rollercoaster is going to be epic – continues enthusiastically Nick Mackenzie – It will be a track with inversions, heights up to 42 meters, inclinations of over 85 degrees and a speed that will reach 100 km/h. But the real pluses will be the theming, in harmony with the chosen area for the attraction and the richness of the special effects: from the path leading to the attraction all the way to the boarding area and, ultimately, to the out and out experience on the rollercoaster”.
“As a thrill seeker I can absolutely guarantee you that, thanks to this rollercoaster, you will get lots of adrenalin! Gardaland, beating heart of Italian entertainment, will soon offer yet another memorable experience to its own Guests, in the name of innovation, professionalism and quality” – concludes Nick Mackenzie.

Meanwhile at the building site of the gigantic rollercoaster the various segments of the track are getting assembled, from the columns to the rails. The departure station is already recognisable – even if it is still unfinished – the rock walls are being put back alongside the main path and the whole perimeter delimitating the building area of this important new addition for 2015.

And what about the website?

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