Roberta Mancino unveils the name of Gardaland’s newrollercoaster: “Oblivion – The Black Hole”


Roberta Mancino, the protagonist of this breath-taking feat,
unveils the name of Gardaland’s new, vertical plunge rollercoaster: “Oblivion – The Black Hole”.

A freefall dive from 5 thousand meters of height at the incredible speed of 400km/h to then go through a “human circle” with a diameter of 5 metres!

Height, speed and vertical plunge fall: the key words for the challenge that Roberta Mancino and Gardaland decided to take on when presenting Oblivion – The Black Hole, Gardaland’s new rollercoaster for 2015, the first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest one in Europe.

Roberta Mancino – Italian by birth but American by adoption, international model, skydiving champion, stunt woman in the movie colossal Iron Man 3, extreme sports athlete and cover girl on many national and international magazines – undertook a sensational feat: once she had reached an altitude of five thousand meters Mancino dived, free fall, inside a “human circle” with a diameter of… mere metres, at the incredible speed of 400 km/h…

A unique and adrenaline-filled event aimed at presenting to the general public the characteristics and the experience that have inspired the construction of the eagerly awaited new rollercoaster, the first Dive Coaster in Italy, that Gardaland will inaugurate on the opening of the new season, next 28th of March.

Also starring in this thrilling experience, alongside Roberta Mancino, ten parachutists – among which Pablo Hernandez, “Canopy Piloting” world champion – who first jumped out, free falling their way into drawing in the sky a “flat star”, a circular formation with their bodies lying parallel to the ground. Thanks to firework fastened to their feet, the group of parachutists created an actual 3 km long vertical tunnel.

Roberta Mancino, jumping out of another plane, dived into empty space at a speed of 400 km/h and crossed the human ring tunnel, seamlessly hitting it with absolute precision. The courageous athlete-model, during the launch, partook in a series of acrobatic, freestyle parachute and freefly figures.

The figure outlined in the sky by the whole team of extreme parachutists was named Oblivion – The Black Hole, thus unveiling in the process the name and the characteristics of the adrenaline-filled Dive Coaster that Gardaland is completing in time for the inauguration of season 2015.

A breath-taking adventure but also a feat destined to officially enter the Guinness Book of Records! The details of the whole operation will in fact be communicated to the Guinness World of Records in London.

Video and photo shooting of the event were assigned to Max Haim, one of the best parachutist photographers in the world, while the record-breaking feat was exceptionally filmed by Noah Bahnson, a real legend of Proximity Fly.

Oblivion – The Black Hole, the first Dive Coaster in Italy and the longest in Europe, will offer breath-taking emotions to every Gardaland fan starting from the Park’s 2015 opening. Lovers of thrill and adrenaline will enjoy an unmatched experience, aboard the new vertical plunge rollercoaster! The brave Guests will be free falling – with an incredible 85 degrees of inclination – from a 42.5 metre height to end up in a dark, narrow tunnel from which they will re-emerge to face, at the speed of 100 km/h, inversions, head-over-heels upturns, tailspins on big spirals and 360° rotations.

And what about the scientists of Operation Orange?

They have finally found an answer to all their speculations and they are getting ready to face a breath-taking challenge, a sensational journey that will lead them to cross a mysterious space-time channel which suddenly appeared in the Park, taking them to an unknown dimension.

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