The track of the new Gardaland rollercoaster with a vertical plunge has been completed


The track of the new Gardaland rollercoaster
with a vertical plunge has been completed:
85 degrees of inclination from a 42.5 metre height
at 100 km/h of speed.

A Dive Coaster, also known as a rollercoaster with a vertical plunge, will be Gardaland’s new addition for 2015. The track, completed in the past few days, features a vertical plunge boasting 85 degrees of inclination from a height of 42.5 metres and an incredible 100 km/h of speed!

We are talking about a truly adrenaline-filled attraction, an electrifying experience that will involve all senses, making hearts beat and legs shake… After the uphill run-up there will be a few, never-ending instant on a plain and then… the sudden plunge that will make its daredevil passengers descend at breath-taking speed.

They will graze the ground, the pillars and numerous obstacles, they will experience extraordinary air-pocket sensations, suspended among crazy inversions, head-over-heels upturns, torsions on great spirals and 360° rotations. It is going to be an unforgettable, sensational, exciting, intense experience, a race between earth and sky with unexpected twists and obstacles out of nowhere. Nothing is going to beat the powerful adrenaline rush felt by those riding the cars at insane speed!

The track of the Dive Coaster – extending over 13,000 square metres, amounting to the wing surface of an incredible 25 Boeing 747 Jumbo – is in its kind the longest one in Europe and it stands tall, elegant and imposing, in the Park’s space area between the Space Vertigo and Flying Island.

In the meantime the digging activities carried out by the scientists of Operation Orange continue relentlessly: after bringing back to light a number of elements from the mysterious installation present underground – a launching pad, a boarding station and rail tracks – the scientists have discovered an unusual elliptical structure and a particular logo on the surface. What is the purpose of this structure?

The answer is on


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