Works begin!

Works begin at Gardaland for the amazing 2015 novelty:
the ultimate rollercoaster

The investment also beats all the records:
the most grandiose ever made at Gardaland!

The construction works for the new exceptional 2015 attraction have officially begun: a newsworthy rollercoaster in terms of its technical and scenographic characteristics, and also for the considerable economic investment.

For the important stage of its 40 years anniversary, the first Amusement Park built in Italy wished to treat itself and offer to all its fans, something truly unforgettable!

The 2015 season will be in fact characterised by the inauguration of the most grandiose and breath-taking rollercoaster, absolutely unparalleled in Italy, built by the top and most qualified producer of roller coasters worldwide: the Swiss company Bollinger & Mabillard Inc. (B&M).

B&M is one of the most prestigious firms that builds rollercoasters, counting a vast production of coasters worldwide. The rides that they design and build are considered the best on the international market: there are no two identical B&M rollercoasters in the world; each is based on an exclusive design, since the company does not produce standard models but studies each project in collaboration with the client, in order to fully satisfy their requests.

Gardaland – B&M collaboration already proved to be a totally winning one in 2011: “Raptor, un volo da brivido” is in fact a true gem signed B&M that still continues to astonish today, and thrill hundreds of thousands of people.

The extraordinary character of the 2015 construction is already stirring great interest and rumours among fans, but not only… While the first dismantling and excavations works are being carried out at the Park, an inexplicable phenomenon, of nature still unknown today, has shown up in the sky above Gardaland…

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Sara Martini, TG O


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